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General Knowledge Science MCQs - Biological Science

Objective General Knowledge
Expected Questions on General Science
Biological Sciences
Here are 10 important objective questions for various upcoming competitive exams. These are previous year’s questions and have frequently appeared in various competitive exams over the years.

1. Which of the following Vitamins promotes healthy functioning of eyes?
(a)  Vitamin D
(b)  Vitamin E
(c)  Vitamin A
(d)  Vitamin K

2. For the formation of bones and teeth, which of the following vitamins is essential?
(a)  Vitamin A
(b)  Vitamin B
(c)  Vitamin D
(d)  All of these

3. Which of the following produce Vitamin D for the body?
(a)  Liver
(b)  Lungs
(c)  Stomach
(d)  Skin

4. Plants that grow in saline soil are called
(a)  Halophytes
(b)  Hydrophytes
(c)  Mesophystes
(d)  Thallophytes

5. Dwarf shoots are present in
(a)  Cycas
(b)  Ferns
(c)  Mango
(d)  Pinus

6. Iron is present in the human blood in the form of a
(a)  Free Salt
(b)  Complex
(c)  Compound
(d)  Mixture

7. Blood sugar is the amount of…… the circulating blood.
(a)  Galactose
(b)  Lactose
(c)  Sucrose
(d)  Glucose

8. The visible plant of fern is
(a)  Gamephyte
(b)  Protonema
(c)  Sporophyte
(d)  None of these

9. From which stage of silk moth is silk obtained?
(a)  Pupa
(b)  Adult
(c)  Cocoons
(d)  Caterpillar

10. Mulberry growing is associated with
(a)  Horticulture
(b)  Sericulture
(c)  Pissiculture
(d)  Biological control

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