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SBI PO Exam 2014 Pattern, syllabus, study material, how to prepare for objective test and preparation of descriptive test

SBI PO Exam 2014 Pattern, syllabus, study material, how to prepare for objective test and preparation of descriptive test: After going through this article you will be able to have a very good idea about the various aspects of SBI PO Exam 2014. I have tried to provide you the complete information based on my experiences of appearing and qualifying various Bank exams including SBI PO. I have tried to tell you things which are very important and which you will not find in any book or in coaching. After going through the entire article I am sure all of you will be able to understand the things better as far as SBI PO Exam is concerned.

SBI PO Pattern 2014: I have already told you in details about the Pattern of SBI PO 2014 in my last article and also provided you lots of free study material for SBI PO Exam. Spare some time to understand and know about How to Prepare for SBI PO Exam 2014 and go through the entire article.

About SBI PO Exam, Syllabus and Standard of Questions: As far as syllabus of SBI PO is concerned I would like to discuss in brief about the syllabus and standard of questions of different sections of SBI PO Exam. Generally syllabus of all sections remains more or less similar to that of IBPS PO Exam. However the standard of questions of Reasoning and D.I. questions is much higher. Therefore you need to make special efforts for the preparation of these two sections. In SBI PO there is also focus on Marketing Questions which can be prepared easily as the level of such questions generally remains easy. As far as English is concerned the level of questions remains moderate. The level of questions of General Awareness and Computer Knowledge also remains moderate and these two topics can be prepared very well and can be scored highly with a systematic approach which we will discuss in next few lines.

How much one should devote for preparation of SBI PO? Ideally 5-6 months systematic preparation is enough for any Bank PO Exam including SBI PO Exam. But what I have seen that there are many students preparing for years and still not getting success, the reason is that they are preparing without any planning and are not following a systematic approach. However none of you should get disappointed with failures as everyone learns with time. So I will try to tell you what one should do to prepare in a better manner. I too am a student like you and I have learned it by experiences after clearing more than 10 Bank PO Exams including SBI PO. I have earlier mentioned that 5-6 months preparation is good enough however this is not a thumb rule as many factors also depends on individual capacities, grasping power, will power and your commitment and dedication towards getting success. I have seen many students qualifying SBI PO with just 1-2 months preparation in their very first attempt. So what I have mentioned is standard time for preparation however there are many exceptions too. Therefore you also need to assess your level of preparation and your willingness to succeed. I am telling you all these things because no coaching is going to tell you about these important things which in my view are very important and every aspirant should understand it.

How to allocate your time on different sections during preparation? During preparation of exams of SBI PO I would like to suggest you that do not count your hours of study rather your approach should be to study as much as you can. Off course if you are in a job or doing some courses then you have to plan your hours of studies but if are only preparing for this exam then study and practice as much as you can without looking at the clock. You should allocate your time in such a manner that you study all the sections of exams on a regular basis without fail. If you are good in any section even then you should prepare and practice that on a regular basis. Allocate more time on your weaker sections and less time on strong sections but do not neglect any section.

How to prepare in last few days? Last few days should be dedicated towards attempting practice sets only and in the preparation of current affairs questions. While attempting practice sets try to attempt set in less than the prescribed time and after attempting the set check all those questions which you could not answer. Learn answers and methods of all such questions which you could not answer which will help you a lot. Try to get all previous papers of SBI PO as often there are repetitions of questions from previous papers.

How to allocate time on different sections during exam? During exam it is very important to plan your time otherwise you will find it difficult to manage good performance in all sections. As you all know there will be four sections in the exam section of General Knowledge, Computer Awareness and Marketing and section of English comparatively takes lesser time and sections of D.I. and High Level Reasoning takes more time. Therefore your priority should be to first attempt section of General Knowledge, Computer Awareness and Marketing and thereafter English. You should try to complete these two sections in 35 minutes and thereafter you should attempt D.I. section and try to complete it in maximum 35-40 minutes. Give maximum time to High Level Reasoning Section as it will require more time.

What is the right approach for tackling SBI PO Exam? Right approach for this exam is to maintain a proper balance among all sections. I have seen many good students scoring high in overall score but fail to qualify because of not clearing sectional cut off. So your priority should be to perform well in all section otherwise you are not going to clear this exam.  

How to prepare for Descriptive Test? After objective test you will also be required to face descriptive test. You should also prepare well for this test and should not neglect as generally students do not take descriptive test seriously. You should go through my article How to Prepare for Descriptive Test to understand how to prepare for this section.

Level of competition in SBI PO: Level of competition is quite huge in SBI PO exam as lacs of students appear in this exam and only 1837 will be finally selected this time. However if you make a close analysis of competition you will realize that the actual competition is among few students only. The reason why I am saying is that the number of students appearing in SBI PO Exam may seems very high but fact of the matter remains that the number of students who have actually prepared well and prepared with a defined strategy which we are discussing here, are very less. Even those who are well prepared failed to balance their performance in the exam and end up not clearing sectional cut off. So in this SBI PO Exam you should prepare with all these factors in mind and should try to score well in all sections which is the key for success in this exam.

Study Material for SBI PO: We are already providing you lots of quality study material for SBI PO hope you are taking full use of that. We are here providing some links of the various study material which will help you to prepare well for this exam.

About Online Test of SBI PO: All of you should also visit my article which was focused on various steps of SBI PO Online exam as this will help you to understand how to give SBI Online Exam. After going through this article you will be able to understand various steps of SBI PO Online Exam.

What is special about SBI PO? SBI PO is special in many ways as apart from the higher salary and perks you are getting exposure to a wide variety of banking activities which are not available in smaller banks. SBI PO is considered ultimate in all PO exams and even those who are already working as Probationary Officer in other banks try to get selection in SBI.

SBI PO vs. other Banks PO: For those students and visitors who would like to know the difference between SBI PO and PO of other Nationalised banks I have written a detailed article SBI PO vs. Nationalised Bank PO which will help you to clarify your doubts and will answer most of your queries regarding comparison between SBI PO and Nationalised Bank PO.

Career of SBI PO: Career of the SBI PO is generally remains very bright and fast. Those who join SBI as a Probationary Officer can reach up to the level of Chairman of the Bank as all earlier chairman of the bank were Probationary Officers only. There are faster promotions and opportunities for growing if you can perform well in the organization.

Changes in the Job Profile of SBI PO in last few years: During the last few years, the job profile of a Probationary Officer has changed a lot and there is now-a-days more pressure and challenges for Probationary Officers as the work load and responsibilities have increased manifolds. However considering the other options available, it can be still safely said that the SBI PO is probably the most attractive Banking Job of the country.

To sum up: So it was a detailed article to help and provide information to all the visitors about all the aspects of SBI PO Exam and a few other things about SBI PO. If you still have any query or you want to know anything about this exam you can always send a mail on our mail id and we will reply.

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