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What is Non Verbal Reasoning ? : How to Prepare for Non Verbal Reasoning

What is Non Verbal Reasoning? Reasoning can be classified as Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning. In this post we are going to tell you what is Non Verbal Reasoning and what are the difference between verbal reasoning and non verbal reasoning.

Verbal Reasoning: Verbal Reasoning is the reasoning in which some information is given in the question and based on that information one has to find out the answer of the question. Examples of Verbal Reasoning Questions are Alphabet Test, Series Test, Blood Relation, Statement and Conclusion, Coding and Decoding etc.
Non Verbal Reasoning: Non Verbal Reasoning is the reasoning which is based mainly on
pictures. One has to find out the answer by having a look at different types of pictures given in different type questions.

Verbal Non Verbal Reasoning, Which one is more important? Now-a-days in most of the competitive exams questions are necessarily asked on reasoning. Normally in reasoning paper there are more questions on verbal reasoning and a lesser number of questions are asked on non verbal reasoning. However non verbal questions are equally important and with a little efforts and good preparation these questions can be solved quickly by just having a look on it.

Types of Non Verbal Reasoning questions: You can practice and prepare various types of non verbal reasoning questions which are very important for exams such as Bank PO, Bank Clerk, SSC Exams, RRB Exams, MBA & other Entrance Exams, NDA, CDS and other competitive exams. Important types of Non Verbal Reasoning questions are given below you can click these links for various types of important Non Verbal Reasoning Questions:-

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