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Objective GK Questions : Series 3

Objective GK Questions: We are providing here some of the best Objective GK Questions based on banking and general awareness for upcoming competitive exams. Some of the banking questions have been taken from previous year papers and are very important for all of you.

1. Question: Which of the following is a stale cheque? 
(A) A cheque issued without drawer’s signature. 
(B) A cheque with only the drawer’s signature.
(C) A cheque which has completed three months from its date of issue.
(D) A six months post dated cheque.
(E) Any one of the above.

2. Question: The "No Frill Accounts" facility provided by banks is aimed at which of the following categories of people? 
(A) Corporate world. 
(B) Senior citizens.
(C) Current account holders.
(D) Poor people.
(E) Government employees.

3. Question: Which of the following is treated as artificial currency? 
(A) ADR 
(D) Equity Shares
(E) Both ADR & SDR

4. Question: Gagan Narang becomes the first person to win an Olympic Medal (Bronze) in London Olympic 2012, in which event he has won his medal? 
(A) 50m air rifle
(B) 25m rapid fire pistol
(C) 10m air rifle
(D) Double trap
(E) 50m rifle prone

5. Question: EFT Stands for?
(A) Effective funds transfer
(B) Efficient funds transfer
(C) Easy funds transfer
(D) Electronic funds transfer
(E) Electric funds transfer

6. Question: Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced first quarter review of monetary policy recently. The central bank kept Cash reserve ratio for banks unchanged at ___________ per cent.
(A) 4.00
(B) 4.25
(C) 4.75
(D) 5.00
(E) 5.25

7. Question: What are White Label Automated Teller Machines (WLAs)? 
(A) ATMs to be set up in unbanked areas.
(B) ATM for Credit Accounts.
(C) ATMs owned and operated by Non - Banking entities.
(D) Biometric ATMs for uneducated people.
(E) ATMs designed for blind people only.

8. Question: The headquarters of the World Bank is located in?
(A) London
(B) Paris 
(C) New York
(D) Tokyo
(E) Washington DC

9. Question: The headquarters of the Asian Development Bank is located in?
(A) New Delhi
(B) Paris 
(C) New York
(D) Manila
(E) Washington DC

10. Question: Kulandei Francis of India was in news recently, why?
(A) He has won prestigious Grammy Award
(B) He has won prestigious Dhanvantri Award 
(C) He has won prestigious Booker's Prize
(D) He has won prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award
(E) He has won prestigious Khel Ratna Award

1. Correct answer is (C)
2. Correct answer is (D), Explanation: This account is opened with very low minimum balances/nil balance as well as low/ nil charges, to cater to the needs of individuals from the vast sections of poor and needy population who are, otherwise, not fulfilling certain conditions of existing Savings Bank account requirements.
3. Correct answer is (C), Explanation: The SDR is an artificial currency created by the IMF in 1969. SDRs are allocated to member countries and can be fully converted into international currencies so they serve as a supplement to the official foreign reserves of member countries. Its value is based on a basket of key international currencies (U.S. dollar, euro, yen and pound sterling).
4. Correct answer is (C)
5. Correct answer is (D)
6. Correct answer is (C)
7. Correct answer is (C)
8. Correct answer is (E)
9. Correct answer is (D)
10. Correct answer is (D)

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